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Artist Shotgun Express (rod stewart)

Label Columbia Demo DB 8025

Condition Ex+/wol


M MINT…No Defects

M- MINT MINUS…1 or 2 very light marks vinyl / label

Ex+ EXCELLENT PLUS…light marks barely audible vinyl / label

VG+ VG+…audible marks and wear vinyl / label

Defect Abbreviations

STOL sticker on label

STMOL sticker mark on label

WOL writing on label

H2o water mark/damage to label

HD heat damage

LD label is damaged

LT label tear

LW label is worn

LF label faded

NAP not affecting play

NOC no original centre (uk items only)

RC   replaced original centre

CR crack

EW edge warp usually a short lift NAP

SW storage warp,a slow n low warp or lift NAP

SSL slight storage very slow n low lift NAP

RW ring wear on label

SKU: 46110


B Side - I could feel the whole world

Mega Rare...Mod/beat Instrumental b/w Rod Stewarts First Outing A Mod Vocal Sound...This is a VERY RARE SINGLE by a short lived band that only released 2 singles, the band included for this single: ROD STEWART, PETER GREEN and PETER BARDEN, both ROD STEWART and PETER GREEN have left the band after the release of this first single and were not included on the band's second single !!! This is the band's FIRST AND RAREST SINGLE !!!