10 x 7 inch Northern & Modern Soul

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Artist Ian Levine Millennium Box Set

Label Various x 10

Condition Mint



M … Mint No Defects...LISTEN to sound file

M- ... Mint Minus 1 or 2 very light marks vinyl/label...LISTEN to sound file

Ex+ … light marks barely audible vinyl/label...LISTEN to sound file

VG+ … audible marks and/or wear vinyl/label...LISTEN to sound file

G+ … will have audible marks and/or wear vinyl/label...LISTEN to sound file

Defect Abbreviations

STOL sticker on label

STMOL sticker mark on the label

WOL writing on label

H2o watermark/damage to the label

HD heat damage

LD label is damaged

LT label tear

LR label rub

LS label stain

LF label faded

LW label is worn

SLW slight label wear or rub

SLF slight label fade

NAP not affecting play

NOC no original center (uk items only)

RC   replaced original center

CR crack

EW edge warp usually a short lift NAP

SW storage warp, a slow n low warp or lift NAP

SSL slight storage very slow n low lift NAP

RW ring wear on label

SKU: 103072114

10 x 7 inch Northern & Modern Soul

B Side - ...listen to SOUND FILE Different One On Each Listing.

EVERY TRACK REVIEWED BELOW...(Northern Soul Millennium Box Set, 10 UNISSUED 7 inch 45rpm Original Records, 10 NORTHERN & MODERN SOUL DOUBLE SIDED 45s PLUS 8 page colour booklet.  1 - LOST DYMENSIONS - DIAL MY NUMBER / IF I TOLD YOU A LIE (Very Catchy Modern Dancer Should Do Well + flip a bit too commercial for me but still a good dancer 7/10) 2  - RONNIE WALKER - I WILL FOLLOW YOU / MAKING IT EASY (wish this had come out sooner eh, Just Such A Great Tribute To The Great Man A Proper Modern Soul Dancer Guaranteed To Go Massive + flip A Catchy Dancer But Not Quiet The Soul Of A Side 10/10)  3 - BARBARA McNAIR - TALKING IN MY SLEEP / FACE TO FACE WITH LOVE (Northern Style But A Bit Repetitive Tho Vocal Delivered Well + Flip Better As Slower And Smoother Suits Her Style 7/10)4 - MONITORS - YOU ARE MY DESTINY / COLD AS ICE (Instantly Danceable And Has You Singing Along, Northern For The Future Will Be Popular Everywhere + Flip Another Good One Also Destined To Get Spins Out 9/10) 5 - LONNIE GORDON - STOP THIS MERRY GO ROUND / IT HURTS TO WALK AWAY (Modern Northern Style With A Good Detroit Feel To It Could Be The Surprise Hit Of The Lot + Flip 8/10)6 - JOHNNY BRISTOL - LOOK INTO THE EYES OF A FOOL / DON’T KEEP YOUR DISTANCE (Super Smooth Vocal Of Course After Jerry Butler One Of The Best Vocals EVER, Good Modern Soul Dancer That Cant Fail, Flipside Another Great Sound More Up To Date And Tighter Rhythm 9/10)7 - BARBARA RANDOLPH - LOST / FROM THE START (Sudo Northern Style With Basic Beat But Lyric Not The Strongest For Me, Flip Is Better More Modern Soul And Suits Her Vocal Better So This Is The Fave Side For Me 7/10)8 - BRENDA EDWARDS - BABY DON’T CHANGE YOUR MIND / FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT (Brilliant Version Of Gladys Knights Classic Modern Soul Floor Filler, Has A Bit More In The Mix And Vocally Very Strong, Good Job Guys, Flip Side Also Good But Top Side Takes It 9/10)9 - ANGELO STARR - CONQUER THE WORLD / DON’T LEAVE ME STRANDED (One Of The Scene's Hardest Workers His Dad Would Be Proud, This One Has Some Great Elements And The Vocal, Well Sounds So Much Like Edwin So I For One JUST LOVE IT, Flip More His Own Style And Grows On You For Sure So Lots To Look Forward To With This And Sure To Be A Monster In The Clubs 10/10)10 - BARBARA GREEN - MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM / WHAT KIND OF WORLD (Just Hits You From First Note, Northern Soul For Today And A Super Dancer, Flip is ok too 8/10)